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Signs of My Impending Descent Into Madness

Content bubble burst

The Problem with Content Strategy

My very first job was as an editorial assistant for a tiny travel website start-up in New York City. I spent every day reviewing user-submitted travel reviews for submission guidelines compliance, editing for spelling, grammar, and readability (yes, really), and assigning each review a rating of 1-5 stars. On a good day, I could get through 500 reviews.

Sometime while I was I honing my copyediting skills to a razor-sharp point, our start-up was acquired by a large travel technology network to join forces with a major Internet travel agency. And that’s when things got interesting.

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What is content?

Why Content Strategy is Like Opening a Restaurant

Everyone loves a good metaphor. When you find the right one, it can lift away obscurity in one graceful move, revealing such crystal clarity that you never forget it—and the topic at hand never feels complicated again. Since “content” and “content strategy” are two such juicy, complex concepts, I picked a great field for metaphor-wielding. (And I intend to take full advantage.)

So let’s have some fun with content metaphors, shall we?

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On The Bachelor and Being an Introvert

“She’s just not a very engaging person.”

So spake Lesley M. on a recent episode of The Bachelor, explaining why all the “ladies” disliked this season’s resident villainess, the unfortunately named Tierra. I didn’t watch enough of this, the 17th and most dramatic season ever, to offer a more compelling reason for the mansion-wide disdain Tierra inspired, but this explanation bothered me more, even, than any of the catty confessionals, unnecessarily smacky kisses, or rubbery mascara excesses that featured in the first five hours of the episode. Whatever the girl’s real faults—she’s not engaging enough?

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Leaving Stuff Out

As it turned out, my experience of reading The Poisonwood Bible took place largely outside the book. Everyone who saw me reading it flew into passionate tones, recalling particular descriptions, scenes, or characters with a fondness I recognized well—I have felt and do feel it for my own favorite books and the characters that inhabit them. Their enthusiasm was infectious. I was excited to delve further, deeper into the story, and for a while, I was swept up in the complete engrossment that usually delivers me into “favorite book” territory.  It’s a beautiful book with real, vivid characters and a thought-provoking, at times gut-wrenching, message. It’s got an unforgettable setting and an epic story arc. Oprah loved it.

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