Who’s Cameron?


You may have been expecting a dude. It’s okay—lots of people do.

I’m Cameron Siewert, native Texan (big ups to my hometown, Perryton, whose website desperately needs a content strategist), former New Yorker, and recently defected Austinite who now enjoys mountain views in every direction in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

I’m an avid reader and longtime writer who made my fiction debut with the 1987 illustrated short story “The Mrdrd Child” (I was 6). I’ve since branched out from the thriller genre, but I still love a good murder mystery.

At 18, I struck out for the wilds of New Jersey to major in anthropology at Princeton University, where I first made the connection between my love of writing and my obsession with understanding people’s behaviors, motivations, and interactions.

I’m an introvert who doesn’t mind public speaking. I’m a meticulous editor and analytical thinker, but I’m most inspired by weirdos and creative minds (and I like to count myself among them). I’m an enthusiastic, adventurous eater and devoted traveler. I’m an accidental runner. I’m a cat person. I’m currently living out a lifelong dream as a cheesemonger, learning how to fly-fish, and honing my throwing skills on the pottery wheel.


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