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Hi, I’m Cameron Siewert

Writer & Content Strategist

in Santa Fe, NM

My approach to content is not for the faint of heart. It’s an all-systems-go, left brain-meets-right brain reckoning to inject your brand messaging with a healthy dose of strategy (and a serious commitment to quality). Because no one ever kicked serious ass by skipping a step—and neither should you.

I’ve earned my chops by knocking out 14 years of interesting challenges for Fortune 500 companies, non-profits, digital start-ups, small local businesses, entrepreneurs, and more. What else do you want to know?

What’s content strategy?

So glad you asked!

Think of a website you’ve visited where you had a hard time finding what you needed. Maybe you couldn’t find it at all. You might even have found yourself wondering what the website was supposed to offer in the first place.


Maybe you went to a new restaurant’s website to find their hours, but couldn’t get past the flashy animations, scrolling photo galleries, and reservation widgets.


Maybe you ran into a problem while traveling, but couldn’t find the right information or support by consulting mobile websites on your smartphone.


Maybe you read about a local company and visited their website, but couldn’t understand who they are or what they do by looking at their homepage.


Maybe you signed up for an email list or followed a business on Twitter or Facebook, but found that their updates were rarely useful or relevant to you.

Yep, those were all content strategy fails.

Good content strategy is  
a thing of beauty

If it’s good, you won’t even know it’s there. The experience will feel effortless, thoughtful, like a real human is behind it. You’ll just “get it.” The content—which basically means all the information the website provides, including copy, images, videos, infographics, and more—will be crafted and organized to give you exactly what you want, right when you need it.

Take a look through a few of my proudest credits.


This innovative customer reviews platform hired me to partner with The Graphic Standard on a full website redesign in 2017. Working with internal strategists, I helped plan content for the new site and wrote all copy. See the new site

Cheesemongers of Santa Fe

The only cut-to-order cheese shop in New Mexico, Cheesemongers of Santa Fe hired me to manage their social media feeds and email marketing program in 2018. Which means I eat a lot of cheese and call it working. Follow @cheesemongerssf


Contracting with Brain Traffic, I’ve handled a variety of content needs for this global investment and insurance company since 2014, including website content strategy, extensive copywriting, content marketing, and more. Take a look

Aurora Health Care

In partnership with Brain Traffic, I’ve led content efforts for a series of website updates for this Wisconsin nonprofit healthcare network. From strategy to copywriting, I’ve overhauled messaging based on visitor needs. Go to Aurora

University Federal Credit Union

This beloved Texas credit union first engaged me for a full website content refresh in 2013. Over the years, I’ve provided content support on key projects and marketing initiatives and helped keep their content fresh. Visit UFCU


In 2013, I helped this growing Austin start-up to establish an unforgettable brand voice and crafted new website messaging to better articulate what they offer: a genius solution for small-business shipping headaches. Learn to ship-talk


Many copywriting projects start with a list of pages or design templates to be filled in—and a quick production timeline. The end result: web content that meets business requirements, for now. But when you start by diving into content strategy, the end result is pure magic: content that brings your brand to life and connects with your audience, from now on.

What does a content strategist do?

Do you need content strategy?


Content is everything: your blog posts and articles, your photos and videos, your web copy and customer service emails. With so much in play, you’ve got to be crystal-clear about when, why, and how to communicate with your audience. And when you are, your customers know it, you know it, and the whole world opens up and breaks into triumphant song.
Well, sort of.

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